Art is not only used to decorate a room, also to express part of your life, share moments or people. Who has not wanted to be portrayed in a drawing?

Making a personalized picture that you want can be expensive, if it is done with oil or watercolor; more when you want its big. Also, if you do not like, the result most of the time it has no fix or is more headaches.

My drawings are digital, made with a graphic tablet that works as a canvas and software that handles millions of colors and several brushes, you can make the size you want, at a much lower cost than if it is done with the elements considered traditional.
And not only can you order me custom drawings, I design logos, posters, web pages, I cover everything related to graphic design and web programming (PHP, javascript, jquery ...).

What to do to order a drawing or logo:

  • Contact with me and tell me your idea.
  • We will talk about sizes, shapes and supports.
  • I will design you sketches, until you find what you want.
  • I am shaping your idea and sending it to you by whatsapp so you can modify if you do not like.
  • Once the drawing is done and with your approval, the payment of the order would be made and it would be printed in a printing press with the agreed conditions.

Ideas to have an ideal portrait:

If you have doubts about what to order, I will help you, the first thing is to know who the picture will be for; I will suppose it is for you ...
  • What hobbies do you have, what sports do you like or what profession do you have?
  • Do you like movies? A specific genre or film? How about an actor or an actress?
  • Do you like fantasy literature?
  • Maybe a particular kind of music? A singer or guitarist?
  • Do you like art? Do you dream of a painting and would you like to be inside?
  • Are you a foreigner and would you love something typical of your country?
  • Do you have a favorite place to spend good times?
  • Do you want a family portrait?
  • Do you want me to draw your pet? Or the town house?

The only limit is your imagination

But let's go further, I can draw you next to your favorite actors or actresses; if you love music, play with the group you want on a stage, in the middle of flames and dressed in the jacket of lights of Michael Jackson, if you wish.

A good gift to celebrate friendship from your group, where each one would be reincarnated in a different role, like a hobbit, giant, athlete or pimp.

Ideas for the corporate image:

The corporate image is not just the logo, it is the design and colors that predominate in the store, emails, cars, social networks, etc. If you have questions about what to order, read below that can help you.
  • What is the company doing?
  • What is the image you intend to give? Simple, direct, rural, retailer, minimalist ...
  • What is the product you most want to promote?
  • How do you stand out from the competition?

Catalog of illustrations for sale

Check my catalog, in the section "On sale" I show those drawings that I usually expose, if you like one, you can enjoy it at home a few days later.

See the Prices section to get an idea of the cost.

Company corporate image

Do you have a company and need a logo? Get in touch with me and I will design a logo or a pet that gives the company an image.

I invite you to consult my gallery of drawings where there are some logos and pets, if you like and fits to what you need, I would be happy to create the corporate image.